sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

All right, well, I started a diet (again) so let's seehow it works. Actually, it depends all on me. It's not just about my looks: my health and self estime are in trouble. So I want to publish a goal. My weight NOW is 108kl. If I lose 3kl.in exactly 2 weeks, I'll buy that Tommy Hilfigher necklace I've been wanting since I was 14. I guess that if I save the money I could spend in food, I could buy it in two weeks. But I have to reach my goalfirst to buy it.
What else can I say? Oh, yeah. I'm ill, just a cold, but it's still annoying. Oh,and last Tuesday I went out shopping with my boyfriend and bought a whole new make up set, plussme sexy underwear. Mmm. After saying that I weight 108kl. sounds kinda stupid to have sexy underwear, but I like it anyway.
Wish me luck, hunnybees!
I'm waiting for your opinions, and I'll be reading you whenever I can (school is such a pressure, specially in senior year). Bye!

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